Sara has worked in Association Management for over 13 years.  She has managed large master, sub, and commercial associations and has about seen it all.  The associations she manages appreciate her diverse background and knowledge she has acquired over the years.

We are firm believers in education.  As a result, our employees are always seeking further education and/or certification with organizations such as Community Association Institute (CAI).  One of our owners has her AMS and CMCA from CAI and is working on her PCAM.  Our other owner has Bachelor's and Master's degrees. 

Salt Lake City's best and only choice.

​We are the only company in SLC exclusively focused on managing Associations (HOA's)!

Dave has served as president of a board where he lived.  He helped that association transition from declarant control.  He truly has been in your shoes and understands the challenges boards face.  He has previously worked in the financial industry for over 16 years and brings that background to help associations in all aspects of their financial management. 

While working for over 13 years in Association Management, for three different companies, one problem always came up that I knew had to be resolved.  I knew that a company had to be built with ownership and a culture that was created to overcome it.  What was this problem?  None other than 360 degree coaching and feedback.

At Intermountain Association Management we take feedback and coaching and leverage them to make each other stronger.  We help our Board members understand the why's and why not's.  Employees can and always will be able to coach an owner, just as an owner can an employee.  When we give and receive constructive and positive feedback and coaching we are helping each other become better at what we do and stronger as a result.